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Become a better photographer with one of our classes listed below. Classes can be purchased for yourself or as a gift for a loved one. Let us know if you are an advanced photographer custom classes can be designed for your specific needs.

Digital Photography For Beginners- The ABCs of Digital Photography- 90 minutes.

Digital photography for beginners in Raleigh, NC

The Digital Photography For Beginners is for anyone who has a camera or just got one. You will learn how to properly expose your images and take great pictures. We will go over your camera and teach you to understand what is needed to get a proper exposure. Learn the different components of your camera and how to adjust your settings. We will cover metering, focus, shutter, F-Stops, iso and the benefits of using your fill flash. You will also learn how to take your camera out of the auto settings and control how your pictures will look. Learn how to do more with your camera in this 90 minute class. Classes will be personalized an geared for the individual in small group settings.

Learn Lightroom 3-classes recomended

Lightroom Classes in Raleigh, NC


Learn Lightroom at your own pace with one on one instruction and demonstrations in small group settings. Take your images from ordinary to extraordinary. In this 90 minute class we will cover all aspects of Lightroom.You will learn how to import images, use the develop mode, sync images, create presets, stack and export images. You will also use the paintbrush and gradient tools and much more to enhance your images. You will be amazed by the before and after images you create.

Learn Photoshop CS6 or other versions

Photoshop classes in Raleigh, NC


Learn Photoshop CC or other versions of Photoshop. Take your images to the next level in this 90 minute class. You will learn everything from working on layer mask, fine tuning selections, use of blending modes creating complimentary borders, warping and retouching to enhance a subject to make them look 10 years younger and 10 pounds lighter. Learn the tips and tricks to make your images have that wow factor. Classes for beginners, intermediate and advanced levels are taught in individual or small group settings.

Learn Studio Lighting

Advanced photography classes in Raleigh, NC

Learn Studio Lighting...Learn how and where to use soft boxes, umbrella, panels and other light modifiers.